LUNGS CSA Fresh Food Bag meeting this Saturday

We will be meeting this Saturday June 20, at noon at DeColores Garden, E.8th St Btwn Aves B & C, to make plans for this year’s LUNGS Fresh Food Bag CSA.

The program is going to begin Sunday, June 28 at Campos Garden on E.12th St.

Please come or send a rep from your garden to this meeting on Saturday. We will have signup sheet for the first week’s CSA. We will also ask garden reps to come up with a list of their gardeners who want to begin the program the first week and the money to place the order.

The program will continue to operate as it has for the last two years; as a, week to week, $10 per order, program. Once again we are working with the Acevedos Family Farm from Orange County.

The first five Sundays, through July, the program will operate out of Campos Garden on E.12th St between Aves B & C.

We need bags! Last year we supplied bags at the beginning of the season and they all disappeared by the end. So please bring good sturdy bags that can carry 10 pounds of produce. Again, we are going to have honey as a separate order and we are discussing ordering eggs.

We need people to volunteer to make this program possible. If you are able to contribute some time, please join us.

In August we will move to Green Oasis. In September Orchard Alley will host the program. El Jardin del Paraiso has offered to host October. The CSA will end at La Plaza Cultural in November.


Hey folks–so for tomorrow’s Spring Awakening.

We are going to start out at three different locations and separately cover all the gardens along various and sundry routes, ending with a grand finale at El Jardin about 3pm.
Please join us if you can, it’s a celebration of our gardens!!
Bring your music, your funny walks, your butterfly wings and let’s have a good time.

The Southern troupe will meet at Children’s Magical Garden at 1pm. and will have the “Welcome to the Garden District ” signs and hang them from the gardens on their route.

The Northern crew meets at Dias y Flores at 1pm and will also have the signs and take care of al that biz.

The best in the West meets at Liz Christy at 1pm to begin our walkabout with signs etc.

In the meantime, the world at our final destination, El Jardin, is turning.
a plethora of poets to do stunts of elocution and daring dos at El Jardin, and musicians extrodinaire are preparing to offer musical interludes and April interpretations of the Bunny Rabbit Theme from Chocolateville.
While treats and drinks are being assembled for the assemblage and the heavens will smile in recognition of our humble Spring Awakening 2015.

Please do alter any of this you may find necessary but that’s the bares bones folks.
And invite everybody to join us, act funny and dress well and have a good time.

Below is the REViSED list of the parade routes:

Northern Route begins at 1pm AT Dias y Flores Garden

1. Dias y Flores 13th St Btwn Aves A & B
2. El Sol Brillante 12th St Btwn Aves A & B
3. El Sol Brillante JR. 12thSt Btwn Aves A & B
4. Children’s Garden, 12th St & Ave B
5. Campos Gardens, 12th St Btwn Aves B & C
6.11BC Garden, 11th St Btwn Aves B & C
7.ToyotaChildren’s Garden 11th St Btwn Aves B & C
8.11th St Community Garden 11th St Btwn 1st Ave & Ave A
9. East Side Community High School Garden 11thSt Btwn 1st Ave & Ave A
10. 9C Garden, Ave C & 9th St
11. La Plaza Cultural de Armando Parez, Ave C& 9th St
12. DeColores Garden 8th St Aves B & C
13. Earth People Garden, 8th St Btwn Aves B &C
14. Fireman’s Garden, 8th St Btwn Aves C & D
15. Green Oasis & Gilbert’s Sculpture Garden, 8th St, Aves C & D
16. Sam& Sadie Koenig Garden,7th St Btwn Aves C & D
17. 5th St Slope Garden 5th St west off Ave C.
ENDS El Jardin del Paraiso, 4th St Btwn Aves C & D

Southern Route begins at 1pm AT Children’s Magical Garden
1. Children’s Magical Garden, Norfolk & Stanton Sts

2. Suffolk St Community Garden, Suffolk bwtn Houston and Stanton
3. Clinton St Garden, Clinton & Stanton
4.Siempre Verde Garden, Stanton St (Clinton & Attorney)

5. Le Petit Versailles, 2nd St Btwn Aves B & C

6. Peachtree Garden, 2nd St (B & C)

7. Kenkeleba House Garden 2nd St Btwn Aves B & C

8. Hope Garden, 2nd St (A & B)

9. Miracle Garden, 3rd St (A & B)

10. Los Amigos 3rd St (B & C)

11. Brisas Del Caribe 3rd St (B & C)

12. Generation X 4th St Btwn Aves A & B

13. Secret Garden, 4th St (Ave C)

14. All People’s Garden 3rd st Btwn Aves c 7 D

15. Orchard Alley, 4th St Btwn Aves C & D

16. Parque De Tranquilidad, 4th St Btwn Aves C & D

ENDS El Jardin del Paraiso, 4th St Btwn Aves C & D

Western Route begins at 1pm AT Liz Christy Garden
1. Liz Christy Garden, Houston btwn Bowery & Stanton Sts
2. Albert’s Garden, 2nd St btwn Bowery & Second Ave.
3. LaGuardia Corner Gardens, LaGuardia Place & Bleecker St
4. Elizabeth St Garden, Elizabeth St btwn Prince & Spring
5. M’Finda Kalunga Community Garden, Rivington St. & Christie
6.First St Garden 1st bwtn 1st & 2nd Aves
7.Creative Little Garden 6th St btwn Aves A & B
8. 6B Garden, Ave B & 6th St
9. 6BC Botanical Garden, 6th St btwn Aves B & C


Charlotte Ruby Cantor Scholarship Fund
Brunch Bash, Auction & Performance!
Sunday, April 26 from 12-4pm
Only 3 days left for $25 tickets. ($35 at door)

Silent auction items now available for bidding! Join us Sunday for a chance to take home some of these great items:
Show tickets (BAM, La MaMa, NY Theatre Workshop and more!)
Gift certificates to local eateries
New York Rangers tix
Hair services, cookbooks, artwork and more!!
Not available to join us Sunday?
You can still bid this week by stopping by the studio at 55 Avenue C.

East Village Dance Project Teen Company (preview video)
Lucy Baer, Alishanee Chafe-Hearmon, Katie Lowen, Elise Stumpf, Afinatou Thiam
GUESTS- Carrie Beehan, Emma Judkins, Tristan Koepke
John Gutierrez, Caity Richards, Karl Rogers
Rebecca Shulman, Sarazina Joy Stein, Liz Sutton-Stone

Get Your Tickets!
Forward this message to a friend

Can’t make it to the event? Please consider making a donation!

All donations are to support the Charlotte Ruby Cantor Scholarship Fund.
A component program of GOH Productions.


Join the Spring Awakening on Saturday, April 25

as we parade from garden to garden Saturday, April 26 1-3pm . It’s a celebration of our community gardens!

Bring your music, wear your costumes. It’s time to party!!

We are asking all gardens to be open from 1 til 3 and welcome the revelers. Bring your smiles and kids, your music and your dance and join us as we snake Pied Piper style through Loisaida.

Three groups will parade through the neighborhood visiting each garden and then converge at 3pm at El Jardin del Paraiso on E.4th St, btwn Aves C & D for continuing music and and frivolity.

Each group will form at one pm.

The North Group forms at Dias Y Flores on E. 13 St btwn Aves A & B.

The Southern Contingent will meet at Children’s Magical Garden on Stanton and Norfolk Sts. Dance like nobody’s watching.

The West parade will begin at Liz Christy Garden on the Northeast corner of Bowery and Houston Streets

AS it stands we are having three groups which will begin in your respective gardens and wend their ways to El Jardin meeting about 3-3:30

Northern Route
1.Dias y Flores 13th St Btwn Aves A & B
2.El Sol Brillante 12th St Btwn Aves A & B (Received Flyer and confirmed)
3. El Sol Brillante JR. 12thSt Btwn Aves A & B
4.Children’s Garden, 12th St & Ave B
5.Campos Gardens, 12th St Btwn Aves B & C
6.11BC Garden, 11th St Btwn Aves B & C
7.ToyotaChildren’s Garden 11th St Btwn Aves B & C
8.9C Garden, Ave C & 9th St
9.La Plaza Cultural de Armando Parez, Ave C& 9th St
10.DeColores Garden 8th St Aves B & C
11. Earth People Garden, 8th St Btwn Aves B &C
12.Fireman’s Garden, 8th St Btwn Aves C & D
13.Green Oasis and Gilbert’s Sculpture Garden, 8th St Btwn Aves C & D (Received Flyer and confirmed)
14. Sam& Sadie Koenig Garden,7th St Btwn Aves C & D
14.Creative Little Garden 6th ST btwn ave A & B
15.6B Garden, Ave B & 6th St
16.6BC Botanical Garden
17. 5th St Slope Garden 5th St west off Ave C.
ENDS El Jardin del Paraiso, 4th St Btwn Aves C & D

Southern Route

1. Children’s Magical Garden, Norfolk & Stanton Sts
2. Siempre Verde Garden, Stanton St (Clinton & Attorney)
3. Le Petit Versailles, 2nd St Btwn Aves B & C
4. Peachtree Garden, 2nd St (B & C)
5. Kenkeleba House Garden 2nd St Btwn Aves B & C
6. Hope Garden, 2nd St (A & B)
7.Miracle Garden, 3rd St (A & B)
8. Los Amigos 3rd St (B & C)
9. Brisas Del Caribe 3rd St (B & C)
10. Generation X 4th St Btwn Aves A & B
11. Secret Garden, 4th St (Ave C)
12.All People’s Garden 3rd st betwn Aves c 7 D
13. Orchard Alley, 4th St Btwn Aves C & D
14. Parque De Tranquilidad, 4th St Btwn Aves C & D
ENDS El Jardin del Paraiso, 4th St Btwn Aves C & D

Western Route
1. Liz Christie Garden, Houston btwn Bowery & Stanton Sts
2. Albert’s Garden, 2nd St btwn Bowery & Second Ave.
3.First St Garden 1st bwtn ist & 2nd Aves
4.. M’Finda Kalunga Community Garden, Rivington St. & Christie 5. First St Green @2nd ave and First st
ENDS El Jardin del Paraiso, 4th St Btwn Aves C & D

Rally to save Gardens !! Tomorrow at City Hall !

Dear Gardeners,
Join us tomorrow on the steps of City Hall! Please arrive early – it will take time to get everyone through security

Tuesday, 2/10, 9AM
New York City Hall
4,5,6 to Brooklyn Bridge City Hall
J, Z to Chambers St.
N, R to City Hall
2, 3 to Park Place
A, C to Chambers St.

On Tuesday, February 10th, at 9 A.M. the NYCCGC, community members, partnering housing organizations, and various elected representatives will be rallying on the steps of city hall to protest the lack of transparency and community involvement in issuing an RFQ to developers to build affordable housing on “vacant” lots throughout the 5 boroughs.

A large number of sites listed in the Department of Housing Preservation and Development’s most recent RFQ for the New Infill Home Ownership Opportunities Program (NIHOP) and Neighborhood Construction Program (NCP) are disproportionally thriving, active community gardens.

Make no mistake, we are all in favor of affordable housing. Many of us would have a direct benefit from this proposal. Affordable housing and community gardens are compatible. We advocate for more gardens and more housing. We do not understand how the selection process came about and why 17 active community gardens were selected as lots to be developed.

These community gardens were a direct result of sweat equity that neighbors used to improve their neighborhoods. And it seems undeniably wrong to destroy the very asset that makes neighborhoods livable and a place where developers subsequently seek to build.

We ask Mayor de Blasio to give all community members a place at the table to make NYC livable. In a speech this past January, he said: “We have a duty to protect and preserve the culture and character of our neighborhoods, and we will do so.”

We ask the Mayor to honor his sentiment and words.

Click here for our full press release.SAVE-OUR-GARDENS-RALLY-(color)

Support the Community Gardens District in CB3

TONIGHT we go before Community Board 3 with a proposal to establish a Community Garden District on the Lower East Side. We have 46 community gardens within a square mile, they are run strictly by volunteers. The status of the gardens are fragile given the immense pressures for development. We need your support, numbers matter. Please take a moment and sign this online petition below to support our proposal.

Support for the Community Gardens District

By now you should all know that there is a proposal afoot to create a Community Gardens District in our neighborhood. This week the Parks Committee of Community Board 3 will be voting on the proposal.

This is the first very important step in a long process which we hope will ultimately insure permanence for all 46 of our gardens.
If the committee approves the proposal, it will then go before the entire Community Board by the end of this month. If CB3 votes in favor, Rosie Mendez will introduce a bill of similar intent in the City Council.

Right now we need to stand together to make sure this passes in CB3. This opportunity that we can’t afford to squander.

Support and momentum have been building for a Community Gardens District. Manhattan Borough President Gale Brewer has said she would support the proposal if CB3 votes in favor.

This may be the only chance we get to have the City to formally protect our gardens and to recognize the significance they play in our unique community.
Please show your support by coming to the BRC Senior Services Center – 30 Delancey Street (btwn Chrystie & Forsyth Sts) this Thursday, January 15 at 6:30pm.

Many gardens have written letters of support for creating the Community Gardens District. If your garden hasn’t written a letter yet there is still time. Send your letters to Ayo Harrington at


Coalition to Establish a Community Gardens District

Proposal: We seek to establish a Community Gardens District to include all community gardens located within the boundaries of Community Board 3 (CB3), in Manhattan. These gardens would be mapped and designated as parks land, named a special district and continue to be managed by community based volunteers.

Background: CB3 is the birthplace of community gardens in New York City and New York State. The very first one was established in CB3, in 1973, by local resident and artist, Liz Christy. Working to reverse years of decline and neglect by public and private property owners, Christy began seed bombing (mud balls filled with seeds) abandoned, rubble strewn lots in an effort to improve her own environment and create public green spaces. Not satisfied with just seed bombing, Christy gathered friends and fellow artists to reclaim and clear one such lot on East Houston Street – between Bowery and Second Avenue – to turn into a community garden. Originally named “Bowery-Houston Farm and Community Garden”, after her death in 1985 it was renamed in her honor as the “Liz Christy Bowery-Houston Garden”.

Christy and her fellow activists founded the urban gardening group, Green Guerillas, and Christy went on to become the first Director of the Council on the Environment of New York City’s Open Space Greening Program which is named now and branded as Grow NYC. Today, the Green Guerillas remain the City’s oldest gardening organization and continues to “cultivate partnerships between people who care about the earth and believe in the power of community gardening to transform neighborhoods.”

At one time, there were fifty seven registered community gardens in CB3 and dozens more operating on their own. However, as the neighborhood evolved, gardeners were forced to fight for the very land they spent incalculable hours and resources developing as real estate speculators were handed lots for practically nothing. Sadly, gardens were bulldozed, one by one.

Status: There are still forty-six community gardens located in CB3 giving CB3 the distinction of having the highest density and concentration of community gardens in New York City, New York State and perhaps the country. The City-owned community gardens are mostly housed under the jurisdiction of the Department of Parks and Recreation giving the illusion that they are permanent. They are not. Whether housed under Parks, Sanitation or HPD, as some are, no CB3, City-owned community garden is mapped as parks land or otherwise designated as being permanent. Even with the storied history and widely acknowledged benefits of community gardens, all City-owned community gardens are still documented in City records as vacant lots and are subject to revocation at any time.

Conclusion: Community Board 3 has been strengthened by the history of its community gardens which hold the distinction of having a forty one year old, deep rooted history solidly ingrained in the fabric of our community. Today, the Liz Christy Bowery-Houston Garden and its history are studied and known worldwide. It and other CB3 community gardens have become New York City destinations. Year after year the soil is worked, flowers are planted, food is grown, events are planned, meetings take place, neighbors interact, memories are made, and our community is strengthened.

Given the significance of the gardening movement history that is particular to CB3, along the uniqueness of highly concentrated gardens, these community gardens should be mapped and designated as parks land, named a special district and continue to be managed by community based volunteers.

Viva Siempre Verde!

LAST night, October 14, the Land Use, Zoning, Public & Private Housing Committee of Community Board 3 voted to reject a plan to build a 16 unit apartment building on the garden site which had been proposed by the developer, William Gottlieb and NYC Department of Housing Preservation and Development.

The Committee’s resolution will now go before the entire Community Board. The Committee voted to rescind a CB3 vote that took place two and a half years ago that supported the project. In October 2012, Siempre Verde Garden was founded and has become an integral and beloved part of the neighborhood.

The development proposal hinged on New York City giving the developer the two city owned lots, which are now make up Siempre Verde Garden. In exchange for the city property the developer agreed to include three affordable apartment units in the building. Many gardeners came out in support of Siempre Verde at this meeting. A discussion followed questioning if this proposal was the best use of this property given the dearth of green spaces in CB 3 south of Houston Street and whether just three affordable housing units was a good deal for the neighborhood. The Committee was very sympathetic to community concerns and voted accordingly. Great News!

Today, October 15, New York State Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver came out today in support of Siempre Verde!
Speaker Silver said: “The Siempre Verde Garden is a vital green space that is enjoyed by so many of our neighbors. Here on the Lower East Side, public parks and gardens are at a premium and we cannot afford to lose this important community treasure. I urge the city to transfer this land to Parks Department so that it can be made a permanent community garden now and into the future.”
Right now the city property that Siempre Verde Garden rests on is under the jurisdiction of HPD, by transferring it to the Parks Department, this community garden will receive another level of protection.
Congratulations to all the Siempre Verde people who worked so hard to put together a very effective presentation last night at the CB3 Committee meeting and also set up a support petition drive for the garden that got over 900 signatures. Also Bill LoSasso, a community gardener, who sits on the committee was instrumental in drafting a proposal to move the garden into the Parks Department. Fantastic!

Here’s how it was reported:
Bowery Boogie
The Low Down
The Real Deal
The Villager

LUNGS Climate Convergence Schedule

Children’s Garden | 11th St. Btwn Aves B & C
4:00-5:30 pm
People’s Climate Elders Meet-up

Tompkins Square Park Gaia Tree (near southern entrance)
4:00-5:30 pm
People’s Climate Bike Bloc and Fracking Meet-ups

La Plaza Cultural | Ave C & 9th St
10:45 am-2:00 pm
New York City Urban Farming: Growing a Just Food System | Barbara Sibley, Onika Abraham, Anandi Premlall, Mark Dunlea | LUNGS (Loisaida United Neighborhood Gardens)

12:30-2:00 pm
Reimagining Science and Engineering for 21st Century Struggles | Darshan Karwat | American Association for the Advancement of Science Fellow

2:15-3:45 pm
Overcoming Climate Change Denial and Silence | George Marshall | Climate Outreach Information Network

El Jardin del Paraiso | 4th St Btwn Ave C & D
10:45 am-12:15 pm
Decolonizing Climate Justice | Free University

4:00-5:30 pm
Bread and Puppet Theater

Orchard Alley | 4th St Btwn Aves C & D
4:00-5:30 pm
People’s Climate Tar Sands Meet-up

Peach Tree Garden 2nd St Btwn B & C
4:00-5:30 pm
People’s Climate Indigenous Peoples Meetup

Albert’s Garden | 2nd St btwn Bowery & 2nd Ave
4:00-5:30 pm
People’s Climate Public Health Meet-up

Elizabeth St Garden | Elizabeth St. Btwn Prince and Spring Sts.
12:30-2:00 pm
The Climate Ribbon: A Creative Ritual for Climate Justice (workshop) | Rae Abileah, Andrew Boyd, Gan Golan | Beautiful Trouble

2:15-3:45 pm
The Climate Ribbon: A Creative Ritual for Climate Justice (volunteer orientation)| Rae Abileah, Andrew Boyd, Gan Golan | Beautiful Trouble

4:00-5:30 pm
People’s Climate Vegan and Yoga and Spirituality Meet-ups

Firemen’s Memorial Garden | 8th St Btwn Ave C & D
10:45 am-12:15 pm
Non-violent Direct Action Training | #FloodWallStreet,

4:00-5:30 pm
People’s Climate Impacted Shorefront Communities Meet-up

Miracle Garden | 3rd St Aves A & B
4:00-5:30 pm
People’s Climate Boston Meet-up

Kenkeleba House Garden | 2nd St Btwn Aves B & C
4:00-5:30 pm
People’s Climate California Meet-up

M’Funga Kalinda Community Garden | Rivington St Btwn Christie and Forsyth
10:45 am-12:15 pm
People’s Movement Assemblies and the U.S. Social Forum as Tools for Transformation | Angela Vogel, Walda Katz-Fishman, Alfredo Lopez, Rob Robinson| US Social Forum

12:30-2:00 pm
Climate Justice in the Workplace | Mathew Plummer | 99 Pickets

4:00-5:30 pm
People’s Climate White-Anti-Racist Activist and Great March for Climate Action Meetups

Children’s Magical Garden | 129 Stanton St
10:45 am-12:15 pm
Mobilizing Families and Children for Climate Action | Dave Finnigan | Climate Change is Elementary

St. Marks Church | 131 E 10th St
9:00-10:30 am
Convergence Roundtable | Tim DeChristopher, Richard Monje, Maureen Taylor, Cathy Sampson-Kruse, Tarik Kauff | Global Climate Convergence

10:45 am-12:15 pm
Building a Unified Movement for People, Planet, Peace over Profit | Jill Stein, Cheri Honkala, Lauren Regan, Margaret Flowers, Jacqui Patterson, Nancy Romer, George Martin| Global Climate Convergence

12:30-2:00 pm
Green and Red: Nature Bats Last | Ben Manski, Cheri Honkala, Art Shegonee, Howie Hawkins, Gloria Mattera | Liberty Tree Foundation

2:15-3:45 pm
A Global Climate Strike: What will it take? | Kevin Zeese, Ben Manski, Alnoor Ladha, Leland Pan, Jill Stein, Victor Wallis, Cheri Honkala | Liberty Tree Foundation

Graffiti Church | 205 E 7th St | 1st Fl
9:00-10:30 am
A Green Political Alternative to the Two Parties of Capital | Howie Hawkins, Brian Jones, Kshama Sawant | New York State Green Party, International Socialist Organization, Socialist Alternative

10:45 am-12:15 pm
She Who Watches – Tsagaglalal (suh-GOGla-lal) | Cathy Sampson-Kruse, Mariah Morning Rose Sampson | Walla Walla Tribe of the Confederated Tribes of Umatilla – Oregon,

12:30-2:00 pm
You Are Here: Mapping the Fracking Boom in New York State | Patrick Robbins, Asha Canalos, Maura Stephens, Anne Marie Garti, Zephyr Teachout | Sane Energy Project

2:15-3:45 pm
Apocalypse How? Climate Change, the Political-Economy of Energy, and Reigniting the Radical Imagination | Arun Gupta, Eddie Yuen, Doug Henwood, Frances Fox Piven

4:00-5:30 pm
Labor and the Fight for a Just Transition to an Ecologically Sustainable Society | Jeremy Brecher, Bruce Hamilton, Carole Ramsden, Sean Petty | System Change Not Climate Change

Graffiti Church | 205 E 7th St | 2nd Fl
9:00-10:30 am
The Front-lines: Perspectives from the Global South Isso Nihmei (Pacific Islands) Martin Mullally (Argentina) Juan Pedro Chang (Peru) Fatimata Niang Diop (Senegal) |

10:45 am-12:15 pm
Climate Justice: Perspectives from Africa, the Middle East and Southeast Asia | Omer Madra (Turkey) Mithika Mwenda (Kenya) Desmond D’sa (South Africa) Vaishali Patil (India) Efleda Bautista (Philippines) |

12:30-2:00 pm
Latin American Social Movements, Climate Justice, and Indigenous Rights | Martin Mullally (Argentina) Martin Vilela (Bolivia) Juan Pedro Chang (Peru) Jim Shultz (Bolivia) |

2:15-3:45 pm
What Now for Climate Justice? Proposing Radical Climate Justice for the 2015 Global Climate Treaty | John Foran, Richard Widick, Lidy Nacpil, Michael Dorsey, Patrick Bond | International Institute of Climate
Action and Theory, System Change Not Climate Change

4:00-5:30 pm
Now that the U.S. Supports “Climate-Smart Agriculture” Is Reform of Our Climate-Dumb Food System Possible? | Ronnie Cummins, Adam Sacks, Tara Ritter, Elizabeth Kucinich | Organic Consumers Association’s Cook Organic, Not the Planet Campaign

Sixth Street Community Center | 638 E 6th St #4
9:00-10:30 am
The Climate Crisis is a Democracy Crisis: Why We Need a Democratic Revolution in the U.S. | Adam Porton, Leland Pan, Suren Moodliar, Virginia Rasmussen, George Martin | Liberty Tree Foundation

10:45 am-12:15 pm
Politics of Renewable Energy | Brian Tokar, Rachel Smolker, Anya Schoolman | Institute for Social Ecology

12:30-2:00 pm
Native American Voices from the Front Lines of the Climate Justice Movement | Brian Ward, Vanessa Braided Hair, Jihan Gearon | System Change Not Climate Change, ISO

2:15-3:45 pm
An Indigenous Peoples’ History of the United States | Ragina Johnson, Roxanne Dunbar-Ortiz | System Change Not Climate Change

4:00-5:30 pm
Native American Resistance in the 21st Century: Idle No More and the Climate Justice Movement | Ragina Johnson, Erica Violet Lee, Brian Ward | ISO, Idle No More

Museum of Reclaimed Urban Spaces (MoRUS) Video Room | 155 Avenue C |
10:45 am-12:15 pm
Visual Realities of Climate Change: Food, Communities, and Landscapes | Mia MacDonald, Hazel Zhang, Carolyn Monastra, Wanqing Zhou | Brighter Green

12:30-2:00 pm
Performing the Climate Movement; Strategies For Sting Narrative in Climate Performance | Elizabeth Doud | Fund Art Inc

2:15-3:45 pm
How To Build System Change Not Climate Change | Zach Rosenblatt, Laura Bartkowiak, Claire Arkin, Brad Hornick | System Change Not Climate Change

Museum of Reclaimed Urban Spaces (MoRUS) Main Space | 155 Avenue C |
10:45 am-12:15 pm
Stories of Resistance: Confronting Extreme Energy & the Infrastructure of Climate Change | Maura Stephens, Steve Horn, Valerie Jean, Patrick Robbins, Karen Feridun | System Change Not Climate Change

12:30-2:00 pm
Wangari Maathai: The Green Belt Movement’s Environmental Legacy and Future | Lauren Berger, Mia MacDonald, Lisa Merton, Wanjira Mathai | The Green Belt Movement

2:15-3:45 pm
Sharing Your Story to Move the Movement! | Cherri Foytlin, Bryan Parras, Karen Savage | Life Support Project/ Bridge the Gulf Project

4:00-5:30 pm
Water Wars: Cochabamba, Gaza, Detroit | Oscar Olivera, Valerie Blakely, Yasmine Kamel | System Change Not Climate Change

LUNGS Third Annual Harvest Arts Festival Sponsors

Citizens Committee for New York City
New York Restoration Project (NYRP)
New York City Community Garden Coalition (NYCCGC)
Fourth Arts Block (FAB)
Art Loisaida Foundation

We would like to thank these fine businesses
for their generous support (listed alphabetically):

A & C Kitchen – 136 Avenue C
ABC Beer Co. – 96 Avenue C
Alphabet City Wine Co. – 100 Avenue C
Associated Supermarket – 123 Avenue C
Au Za’atar – 188 Avenue A
Bluehaven Sports Bar – 108 W Houston Street
Ciao for Now – 523 E 12th St
C-Town Supermarket – 188 Avenue C
Donnybrook – 35 Clinton Street
East Village Dance Project – 55 Avenue C
East Village Tavern – 158 Avenue C
Eddie Oysters – Long Island Oyster Company
El Maguey y La Tuna – 321 E Houston St
Eleven B – 174 Avenue B
Esperanto NYC – 145 Avenue C
Gruppo – 98 Avenue B
Lucky Jack’s Bar & Lounge – 129 Orchard Street
Lume’ – 127 Avenue C
Maiden Lane – 162 Avenue B
Mercadito – 179 Avenue B
Oda House – 76 Avenue B
Pushcart Coffee – 362 2nd Ave
Seven Stories Press-140 Watts St
Sigmund’s – 29 Avenue B
The Source Unltd Print and Copy Shop – 331 E 9th St
The Summit Bar – 133 Avenue C
The Wayland – 700 E 9th St
Whole Foods Market – 95 E Houston